Social Network, people and numbers

A few days ago reading some news I stumbled upon these 2 articles about twitter and facebook. Here reported the most important part.

If I had to start the service again, I would not emphasize the follower count as much. I would not emphasize the like count as much. I don’t think I would even create like in the first place, because it doesn’t actually push what we believe now to be the most important thing, which is healthy contribution back to the network and conversation to the network, participation within a conversation, learning something from the conversation.

Source: The NewYorker

Instagram is trialing a private like counts feature which would hide the "likes" a post attracts from viewers, but not the account owner.

Source: BBC

They did not get it right. They knew that numbers will boost people's ego and will make everyone using their social network "slaves" of numbers and ego. Now, that they are losing their wonderful toy, they are trying to make it look like they care, about people and healthy conversations. No, they do not. Both social networks are just trying to recover their user base and the mess they created.

I am so glad I quit social network. I never used apps for it. I always used the browser. I never had Instagram, but I recently deleted also my Twitter account, and I have no regrets about it.

I tried hard to keep my Quora account, as I thought it would be a useful way to learn new thing, but I was obviously wrong. After dealing with daily crappy answers, stupid and non-related to what I am interested in I quit also Quora.

I still keep Linkedin, just because you know ... is a professional social network ... I just wonder how creepy can it be for a woman on that website to receive "hearts" from men. But I also know that Linkedin is always ages behind, so maybe one day they will understand their mistake.