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Surfing in the Canary Islands
Surfing in the Canary Islands. Photo credits:Surfing Therapy

Born in the beautiful and sunny Calabria, Antonio is a designer & developer and — as he likes to call himself — a wannabe cook. He left his home town several years ago and moved abroad. Since then he lived in different cities and countries in Europe.

He has traveled to several countries between Europe and North America and in the last two years, he has been working remotely as a consultant, traveling to his favorite places while working with different companies to improve their UI’s and Websites.

His long time dream was to become a chef and own a restaurant. His hero and inspiration is Massimo Bottura. Today he is more than happy to work in the tech industry. Cooking remains one of his favorite hobbies and activities. He writes code, he likes to experiment with CSS and design things and icons.

He writes his thoughts on a journal.

You can check his professional Bio (and photo) on LinkedIn or download his Resume. He loves traveling, reading books, watching series on Netflix and taking amateur photos. He practices meditation and he’s interested in philosophy and Stoicism. His favorite cities are New York and Malaga.

His favorite quote is from Marcus Aurelius, author of Meditations, his favorite book.

A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions. — Marcus Aurelius

The most inspiring person he met was his father and he follows the principles he taught him: Respect, Honesty, Humility and Kindness. He listens more than he speaks.