Off Canvas with only Css

Off Canvas with Css
Off Canvas with Css

Yesterday evening I was bored at home (as usual) and the weather was cold (as usual) so I decided to spend some time fixing some bug on this site.

I linked the "contact" link in the navigation to the contact section in the footer. My friend Marco suggested me that this way was not clear on how to find to contact so I looked for a solution, which I founded in the :target pseudo selector.

How :target work is pretty simple, it just matches the selector id with the hash in the url. So if you have a url like this you can style your element with #contact:target. And so I did for the email link in the footer and highlight the email link in bold-red when matching the target.

After that I started to experiment a little bit with this selector, and i came up with this (kinda of silly) off canvas. Basically with no javascript and no checkbox hack it is possible to create a complete menu. Another trick I used is on the close button, where I just change the #hash and so removing the style to the sidebar. You can check the example here and on codepen, and the code here.

Of course keep in mind that is something that would never end up in production but it was fun to play with it. Highliting the section I think is ok to use it, as it is just an enhancement. :D

Go to example : Off Canvas with only Css using the :target pseudo selector