Kitesurfing Lessons

18 February 2018

Last week I started my kitesurf lessons here in Canary Islands. I have a very funny and nice instructor. He is Austrian and soo german in his teaching :smile:

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Sort an array of objects by date using moment

7 January 2018

Sorting and ordering an array is quite easy, just use array.sort and pass the function which returns the difference. For instance:

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22 Years

24 September 2015

Today it’s my birthday. 22 Years ago on this day I turned 16th.

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Circular Menu inspired by Path.

19 April 2015

I am actually learning Swift. This, together with the fact that I am totally in love with Sketch App, has completely influenced my mind so I keep downloading apps from the app store and check their UI trying to learn as much as I can.

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Off Canvas with only Css

3 April 2015

Yesterday evening I was bored at home (as usual) and the weather was cold (as usual) so I decided to spend some time fixing some bug on this site.

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My simple rules when writing Sass

18 November 2014

Sass is awesome. It is an incredible tool that gives a lot of power to our css code but, as we know, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

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Not just about work.

5 November 2014

Tomorrow I am flying to Barcelona for a long weekend, I will meet some very nice friends there. We used to work together in Barcelona, back in 2008/2009 and we had a very nice time. I am proud we built this lovely friendship which is lasting for years.

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